RSD Sales Management


Why Get The RSD?

To learn about the key principles of sales management relevant to today’s customer-driven culture.
To learn techniques of selling and how to manage portfolios for an organisation effectively.
To develop key skills in generating and coordinating sales, implementing sales techniques and management of sales operations.
To gain knowledge that is needed to succeed in today’s increasingly complex and fast-paced sales environment.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate the key principles of sales management for both public and private organisations.
Evaluate the relative merits of how sales structures are organised and recognise the importance of ’selling through others’.
Apply successful selling techniques for building and managing effective customer relationships.
Create a portfolio management process to maximise revenue for an organisation.

Entry Requirements

Relevant Work Experience in The Field/ High School Level Qualification.

Course Content

Introduction and scope of sales management.
Strategies for measuring and monitoring objectives.
Different modes of selling and their impact on buyer and seller roles and dynamics.
Consumer buying behaviour process.
Business buying behaviour process.
Sales promotions and incentives.
Sales in a digital environment.
Sales leadership and the sales force.
Application of sales techniques.
Portfolio management.
Sales cycle.
Performance management.