RSD Agile Transformation


Why Get The RSD?

To gain the knowledge and uses of agile development within business environments.
To explore the fundamental process of agile development including the methodologies used.
To develop the skills and knowledge to be able to embed and use agile approaches in a working environment.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the features of agile working.
Understand agile transformation in a business environment.
Understand the use of an agile transformation strategy.
Understand the importance of continuous change and improvement.

Entry Requirements

Relevant Work Experience in The Field/ High School Level Qualification.

Course Content

Agile methodologies.
Agile deliverables.
Benefits of using agile working for an organisation.
Considerations of agile working.
Roles in agile working.
Agile adoption.
Agile transformation.
Characteristics of agile transformation.
Key stages of agile transformation.
Embed agile working.
Agile practices when transforming.
Methods of applying agile practices.
Agile transformation strategy.
Components and impact of agile transformation strategy.
Embedding and monitoring.
Roadmap of strategy.
Methods and Benefits of continuous change and improvement.
Resistance to change and managing it.
Measuring impact.