RSD Brand Management


Why Get The RSD?

Brand management is an important aspect of marketing and boosts product value for any business.
To gain end-to-end understanding of brand management.
To explore a range of tools and techniques that can be employed to maximise brand value.
To learn how to measure brand value and manage a portfolio of brands over time.

Learning Outcomes

Analyse how a brand is built and managed over time.
Create a brand portfolio strategy to organise portfolios and manage brand hierarchies.
Evaluate how brands are leveraged/ extended over time domestically and internationally.
Apply techniques for measuring and managing brand value over a period of time.

Entry Requirements

Relevant Work Experience in The Field/ High School Level Qualification.

Course Content

Brand development.
Advantages of branding.
Brand equity.
Strategies that organisations use to develop and grow brand equity.
The role of marketing in building brand equity, brand positioning and techniques.
How to strengthen brand equity, brand extensions, reinforcing and revitalising brands through innovation.
Overcoming brand crisis.
Brand portfolio strategy.
Relationship between branding and finance.