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The institute of Leadership and Management help businesses who are truly engaged in the learning and practice of leadership, they work closely with L&D, leaders and managers and aspiring leaders. The institute of Leadership and Management work closely with leadership and HR specialists to help boost their leadership programme and get the most from their employees, they also work with leaders and managers at all levels, offering expert tools and resources to help support and improve their leadership capabilities, the institute also helps with people at the start of their leadership journey for e.g. student’s ,and recent graduates or new managers, to support them in their career progression.

If you are working or working towards a field within Leadership and Management, we will offer you a Members membership that will enhance your career development, access to resources and events, networking within the Leadership and Management community plus many more.

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ILM membership offers access to the tools you need to kick start your career and beyond


Aimed at experienced managers who want to boost their leadership potential You're an experienced professional, who wants to fine tune your skills and learn more from other great leaders.

To Qualify You Must Have:

a Degree level qualification OR an equivalent Institute Approved programme OR mapped military rank.
Post nominals: MInstLM
Complete our L&M qualification

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Membership adds lasting value to individuals and teams alike

Learn more about your leadership capability the ILM award-winning E-learning tool!
Enhance your reputation and boost career progression with ILM post nominals and digital credentials that demonstrates your commitment to leadership
Share and learn from like minded people by becoming a part of the ILM 40,000 network community!
Access to blended learning resources to develop your knowledge
This UK membership is internationally recognised which means you can proudly present your membership badge globally!

Once you have applied for your membership, you will receive a digital badge that highlights your professional status.

Digital credentials represent the evolution of certification you can see the image above that's something that you'll be issued with upon successful completion. That can be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, online CVs and email signatures. Anybody that clicks on that image wherever you've shared it online will see rich metadata explaining to the viewer exactly what you've been through to gain this qualification and the skills that you've developed and demonstrated.

Members badge

How to qualify for Members?

Complete the Leadership and Management Course and upon completion, you will qualify to apply for the ILM membership.
You must also have a Degree level qualification OR an equivalent Institute Approved programme.

Leadership and Management Course Overview:

Qualification overview and objective

It is aimed at learners working in a management role in any sector. Topics include managing team performance, managing personal and professional development, understanding business.

Entry Requirements

It is advised that learners have a minimum of level 2 in literacy and numeracy before enrolling onto this course.


Providing an overview of the roles and responsibilities required for managers and develop the skills required to succeed Support day-to-day operations
Give direction and guidance
Provide Instructions around objectives
Support and monitor goals

Duration: 3 months


Manage personal and professional development
Manage team performance
leadership and management
Principles of people management