RSD Data Analysis and Big Data


Why Get The RSD?

To learn about the importance and uses of big data in today’s world.
To understand how data analysis and big data can be used to provide greater knowledge in certain areas.
To gain knowledge of the considerations that need to be made in relation to storing, searching and reporting on big data sets.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the fundamentals of big data.
Understand the structure, size and security of big data.
Understand the characteristics of data analysis.
Be able to present information from large data sets.

Entry Requirements

Relevant Work Experience in The Field/ High School Level Qualification

Course Content

Purpose, sources, benefits and uses of big data.
Problems and ethical concerns related to the use of big data.
Understanding of structured and unstructured data.
Data storage methods and resultant problems.
Distributed computing and associated risks.
Importance of analysing data.
Establishing data trends.
Analytical and statistical representations of data.
Methods of presenting information.
Target audience.
Areas for improvement based on data analysis.