RSD Internet of Things (IoT)


Why Get The RSD?

To gain core knowledge and understanding of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.
To understand how IoT is used today to increase productivity and efficiency across personal and business life, identifying its use in the future.
To explore the underlying technologies that make functionary possible.

Learning Outcomes

Understand IoT technologies
Understand IoT security considerations.
Understand the benefits of IoT technologies.
Understand the requirements of IoT technologies.

Entry Requirements

Relevant Work Experience in The Field/ High School Level Qualification

Course Content

Purposes of IoT technologies.
Impact of IoT technologies on both business and personal life.
IoT technologies that have been developed over the past number of years and the key stages within this development cycle.
Speed of developments that have occurred.
Components used in IoT technologies, their purpose and setup considerations.
Personal uses of IoT technologies.
Professional use of IoT technologies.
Technology Drivers.
Business Drivers.
IoT applications.
Security issues with IoT technologies.
Considerations to make when implementing IoT solutions.
Security measures.
IoT connectivity protocols.
Benefits of using IoT technologies.
Benefits of using IoT technologies.
Analytical benefits.
Future use of IoT technology.
Paid subscriptions.
Connectivity and network requirements.
Sustainability measures.