RSD Managing a Successful Business Project


Why Get The RSD?

It will be based on a theme that will enable students to explore and examine a relevant and current topical aspect of business in the concept of the business environment.
It is aimed to develop skills of project management that are highly sought after by employers in all areas of business.
The students will get an opportunity to demonstrate the skills required for managing and implementing a small- scale business project.
On successful completion of this unit, students will have the confidence to engage in decision making, problem solving and research activities using project-management skills.
Students will acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills to enable them to investigate and examine relevant business concepts in a work-related context, determine appropriate outcomes, decisions or solutions and present evidence to various stakeholders in an acceptable and understandable format.

Learning Outcomes

Explain the key stages of the project lifecycle that should be considered when project managing.
Produce a Project Management Plan (PMP) for a business project using primary and secondary research methods.
Implement the Project Management Plan (PMP) to communicate results from the research and make conclusions from the evidence of findings.
Reflect on value gained from implementing the project and the project management process.

Entry Requirements

Relevant Work Experience in The Field/ High School Level Qualification.

Course Content

Project management.
Advantages of project management.
Roles in project managing.
Project management skills.
Project lifecycle and its stages.
Comparison of different organisational approaches to project management using case studies.
Project management tools.
Producing a Project Management Plan (PMP).
Research methods and strategies for formulating a Project Management Plan (PMP).
Field work.
Implementing the PMP.
Reflection for learning and practice.