RSD Mobile Application Development


Why Get The RSD?

To have an advanced understanding of the processes involved with developing and launching a mobile application to meet user requirements.
To have the opportunity to plan, develop and launch a mobile application of their choice to solve a problem.
To explore testing across all stages of the lifecycle.

Learning Outcomes

Understand mobile application development.
Be able to design a mobile application.
Be able to use mobile applications development environments to create a mobile application.
Be able to test a mobile application.

Entry Requirements

Relevant Work Experience in The Field/ High School Level Qualification

Course Content

Personal and business benefits of mobile applications.
Use of a mobile application to solve and eliminate everyday problems.
Software Development Lifecycles.
Models and constraints associated between different model types.
Device capability and performance considerations.
Functional user and technical specifications.
Network communication methods and considerations.
Data persistence methods.
Developments of mobile applications.
Main development environments and the considerations to make in selecting a development environment.
How to design a mobile application and the various stages.
Wireframe design.
Maximise user interaction.
Accessibility considerations for a mobile application.
Development environment and associated tools.
User interface with navigation.
Object oriented programming.
Logical and Arithmetical Operators.
Conditions in programming.
Explain the use of loops in programming.
Numbers, Characters and Arrays.
Functions and methods.
Functions and methods.
Integration with external services.
Mobile application testing methods.
Measure success and impact.
Test plan and its scope.