Pacific Link College


Pacific Link College

Pacific Link College (PLC) is located in the Greater Vancouver area of ​​British Columbia, Canada. It mainly provides students with university transfer credits and employment-oriented diploma, postgraduate diploma and advanced diploma courses. Most majors in PLC include a paid internship (COOP) project, which lays a solid foundation for future employment. The enrollment of Bolin College is flexible. You can enroll every month, and
you can choose to take classes on weekends, so that students can study and work at the same time, and accumulate experience for their future careers.

Mission, Philosophy and Values

PLC has always emphasized the provision of quality, innovative, practical education. These factors are key to helping students succeed in achieving their goals: especially when it comes to employment.

Why Choose PLC

Accredited Formal Institutions
Students Can Enroll Every Month
Abundant Paid Internship Opportunities
Strong Career Support
Classes only 2 days/week
Can be Transferred to other institutes to complete a degree

Courses & Programs

Pacific Link College (PLC) has been innovating the education landscape in Canada by building programs and partnersips that lead students to the careers of which they dream. PLC offers a variety of 2-year and 1 Year Diploma programs students can choose from. In 2 Year Diploma, each program contains ten months of theory courses and ten months of co-op education. In 1 Year Diploma, all program contains 5-7 Months of Theory courses and 5 Months of Co-op Education.

Canadian Workplace Skills
Health Science & Community Support

Business Leadership University Transfer Advance Diploma

University Pathways