Phonics Safari

An Adventure to Learning the Sounds of the English Language


Phases of the Course

Our program is divided into phases based on the age of the students.

Phase 1: Age 3-4 years
Phase 2: Age 4-5 years
Phase 3: Age 5-6 years
Phase 4: Age 5-7 years

Duration of Each Phase

Phase 1

Duration: 4 months
Number of Sessions approx: 50 Sessions

Phase 2

Duration: 6 months
Number of Sessions approx: 100 Sessions

Phase 3

Duration: 4 months
Number of Sessions approx: 50 Sessions

Phase 4

Duration: 4 months
Number of Sessions approx: 100 Sessions

Students will Learn

  • Phase 1

    Environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body sounds, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds and oral blending and segmenting.

  • Phase 3

    Learn alternative pronunciations and spellings for known graphemes. Build a rich vocabulary of compound
    and complex words.

  • Phase 2

    Learn letters of the alphabet and one sound for each. Blend sounds together to make words. Segment words into their separate sounds. Read simple captions, sentences and questions.

  • Phase 4

    Learn more graphemes for the phonemes which they already know, plus different ways of pronouncing the graphemes they already know. Work on spelling, including prefixes and suffixes, doubling and dropping letters.

Features of the Course

Live and interactive learning sessions
Learning through songs rhymes and stories
Flexible learning plans and Learning Management system support
Parent-teacher counselling
Regular progress check reports
Course completion certificate

Benefits of the Course

Scope of Upskilling

Our phonic approach encourages learners to directly linkletters (graphemes) to sounds (phonemes)

When encountering the alphabet, we teach children pure sounds like ah, b, and k.

We train learners to put sounds represented by letters or letter groups together to read words in a more straightforward way.

We focus on word reading and compersion to ensure learners under stand words.