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We host a team of cognoscente educators that understand your core-drive to learn and that a learner’s nature is to jump in-between pathways, collecting all the knowledge that possibly exists. We offer the opportunity for you to choose and relocate between technical, vocational, and academic pathways. We make it feasible for you to change your educational module as your goals change without compromising the quality of learning facilities.

AFG has collaborated with the finest and most-suited education providers to upscale your experience in a foreign land. With our increased support, continued assistance, and rewarding career guidance, you are bound to become the person of your dreams. Our vision compels us to create a homely environment for learners coming-in from lands far away and twist the wrists of educational boundaries while setting benchmarks for those who aspire to learn.

Our Mission

Unclipping the wings of the learners who are kept from the scope of skies!

We aim at guiding young learners to explore the depths of education, opportunities, and career trails without feeling restricted. One must always advocate perseverance and have a quest for curiosity. We encourage an expedition to seek answers, ask questions and challenge the customary by taking a road less traveled.


Our Vision

Education Is a Global Phenomenon That Is Only Kept Alive When Shared and Appreciated.

Antai Fintech Global inspires students from across the world to put resources into their dreams while giving them a stage to analyze, seek after, and live-through quality training experiences at leading universities.

With our world-class education and an unconventional teaching approach, we equip our students with the ability to create new career paths, pave their own paths, and win at life with holistic development.

Keys to a Successful Career

AFG allows you to become more independent with your decision and take-up the right career path that leads you towards your unique goal. This pursuit is conquered by advancing your potential through the following means:

  • Skills Assessment tool

    To bring out your best version, you need to know your strength and weakness. Through our assessment tools, we measure your aptitude for the desired career plan.

  • Expert Guidance

    Providing assistance by experts who help you become industry-ready after A level or the final year of schooling. We examine your current profile to expedite the future prospects and aim for the right opportunity that guides you towards that ‘breakthrough.’

  • Understanding the global trend

    It’s crucial that you understand the global dynamics of the industry you’re pursuing and equip yourself with the suitable skills to accredit your educational qualification.


Alima has over 6 years plus experience in the Education sector, previously managed an Academy for 4-18 year olds and qualified in teaching English as a Foreign Language. Alima has proven experience in guiding learners through their learner journey until they have completed their qualification and fully experienced within their career field.

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