Self-Paced Online Learning


Learning and pursuing a course can take a toll on your regular life. Even though it’s a positive change, more people find it hard to juggle work and training.

We have made learning more accessible than ever by giving our students the liberty to progress at their own pace. You can learn at any time from any corner of the world; as long as you are moving ahead, our purpose is served.

This convenience relieves most of the people who are kept from learning just because their schedule does comply with traditional classroom schedules.


Learning shouldn’t cost you a fortune; it’s a development process that everyone should be able to afford. Other Classrooms and Virtual training programs come with different fee structures that are influenced by factors such as the instructor’s fee, venue – technology cost, etc. With Antai, you can rest assured as we do not charge any of these costs and make your self-paced learning experience cost-effective.


Get your course tailor-made as per your learning style. If you want to go through the same module five times, no one will ask you why. We understand the individual needs of the learner and how every person learns at his own comprehension capacity.

Improved Ownership

When you own your pace, you get intrinsically motivated to accomplish the module. This plays a crucial role in defining your learning experience, and we root for this process that gives you ownership of your learning.

Ensures Quicker Adoption of Products

Our self-paced learning structure makes ways for an effective and faster adoption of new products. Contrary to traditional learning, we don’t ask for a sizable batch of learner or channel partners to demonstrate new products. We believe in the instant action and help you get started immediately.

Dedicated Learning Manager

Antai Fintech Global truly outshines when it comes to making the students equipped with all possible learning channels and resources. Through our dedicated platform, you can always be in touch with your tutor and ask-away all the queries without having to connect through multiple channels.

Each learner is provided with a dashboard that helps them manage their communications and be updated on all the notifications sent by the system administrator in charge.

Global Online Peer Network

(For other Corporation)

  • With our in-house Global network, our members are exposed to several advantages. When you are part of this network, you can access many other programs, technical support, and elaborate infrastructure without paying a hefty fee.
  • The penetration in the international market can be shooting and can add the registration center to multiply the headcounts.

Enhance Learning Skills

We stretch support to our learners even when the service has ended. This hand-holding expert guidance can only be accessed at Antai Fintech Global. We believe that an exclusive learning experience can only bring personalized attention to your concerns and put in the right resource to help you through your journey. Our educational framework is globally embraced by other educational service providers. A fresher today will become a leader tomorrow, and this is why we host a wide segment of students, even the ones starting from Level 0. Our educational services extend to professional qualifications and offer both regulated and non-regulated qualifications to support students to match their needs, skills, and goals.
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