Qualifi Level 2 Diploma for early child practitioner


Diploma for the early years Practitioner Level 2 will prepare you with the skills to work with children between birth and 5 years, and give you the knowledge and understanding for children up to 7 years.You will need to be working or volunteering in a childcare placement, with children aged between births to 5 years, as an important part of the assessment process involves evaluating skills in real working situations. You have little or no experience of working in a professional childcare setting and would like to make your first steps into a career in this sector. A work placement is required for 1 day per week.


These qualifications will enable you to progress in a wide range of childcare roles including:
  • Nursery assistant

  • Pre-school assistant

  • Foundation unit – class assistant
- Duration: 6 to 8 Months
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